Monday, 3 March 2014

My beauty tips for long, healthy and shiny nails

Hi girls! In this post I will give you some very useful tips to give yourself a perfect manicure. These tips helped my nails to be healthy, strong, shiny and not to peel off. So, this is how to do it.

First, when you're about to shorten your nails DON'T do that with scissors or metal rasp (file). It will additionally increase existing peeling of your nails. Therefore, try to DO that with spongy nail file. That is how I do it. Then, after shortening your nails, use the same file to refine their shape and to smooth their edges (nails file that I use has 7 fields to use, which give you 7 steps for manicure). When you're done with mentioned steps then condition and smooth your nails with the same nail file. Final touch is to give them shine.

After all these steps it is time to give your nails appropriate care. For that I use Olive Oil and Lemon juice. Olive Oil is refined oil in the bottle that you use in the kitchen when you cook. It gives your nails shine, moisture and strength when you use it regularly. Lemon juice gives your nails strength and whitens them. But apply it on your nails only when you remove your nail polish and they're yellowish. Or you can do that once - twice a week.

When you're done with all that, I recommend you to try Avon's nail experts products named ''strong results'' and ''grow potion'' on your nails. They are fantastic! After regularly applying, your nails will be really strong and with that as primary thing, they'll grow longer and faster.

In the end, here is one extra tip: If you really have brittle nails and you've tried a lot of things to make them better but it doesn't help, try to take vitamins. Yup! B vitamin complex is great for that. Or, if you don't want to take the whole complex (as these vitamins increase your appetite), try with the Biotin capsules. Both are very cheap and can be bought in every Pharmacy.

I hope these tips will help you to cope with problematic nails and give one healthy, shiny, strong and long nails. Thank you for reading my post. :)

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