Monday, 10 March 2014

My Music Monday #1

Even though this is my personal fashion blog, I have to share with you my musical taste. :)
I could not imagine life without music. Life is so much better when you can listen to the music that can describe your feelings.
I enjoy listening to indie rock such as Arctic Monkeys, a legendary Irish rock band U2, an electronica band Thievery Corporation and English indie pop band named The xx.

 Oh, I just love the Arctic Monkeys! Alex has wonderful manly voice. To those who love good music  I heartily recommend them to listen to the Arctic Monkeys' album AM, if they already didn't. Every song in the album is excellent... perfect. Though, my top 3 are: ''I wanna Be Yours'', ''Arabella'' and ''Do I wanna know?''.

 One and only - U2! Since I was a child I've loved this rock band. I remember when I used to travel with my parents and my sister, we were listening to their songs all the way. Every song is great and Bono is amazing singer. My recommendation is their greatest hits-style compilation album named U218 Singles. I could not single out any song, because I love every. :)

Let me introduce to those who never heard of, the Thievery Corporation!  This band's music style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian (such as bossa nova). I like to listen to them. Their music is so to chillax. I love to listen to it when I chill and relax after hard working or studying. Their sixth album Culture of Fear is just what I needed. Every song is wonderful but my No.1 is ''Is It Over?''.

 Last but not the least valuable is English indie pop band The xx. Its music is so ''out of this world''. When I listen to it I feel like I am over floating. An amazing vocals. Their second album Coexist is a pure perfection. My top 3 are: ''Angels'', ''Our Song'' and ''Tides''. To those who never heared of this band, I recommend them to do that very soon. :)

I hope you will enjoy these bands' songs as much as I do.

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