Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Black and White Revolution: Modern Woman.

As a woman, a good one, you do not talk too much (actually, you don't give yourself the right to think too much and say what do you think out loud), you stand by your man and you're a good wife, you watch for your children and behave accordingly, but the most unfortunate is that you suppress your goals and dreams (unless they are the above mentioned ones). Then I must admit that I'm not the good one.

My view on women's role is different from the generally accepted one. I am sure that it is not the life I want to have for myself.  I am single by my own choice. I do what I want to do. I say the first thing that is on my mind. Yes, sometimes there are some regrets. What's done is done. Past tense. I don't look back that much and I'm focused on the present and near future. I want to succeed in all my goals, whether they are difficult to be achieved or not.  Small or large. Extraordinary or trivial. I am not the one of those women depending on man, his love and care. I want to be successful... to travel and buy things with money I have earned myself.

I hope to have children some day, married or not. However, it will not happen until I am able to raise them by myself. Children have to be surrounded by love, to have parents who will support and protect them... parents who share their views and feelings, who stand by each other and in that way, strengthen their small Universe called family.

In the end, I'd love to thank you for reading my post. xo :)
 (Photos and hairstyle made by my twin sister Emma)

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