Wednesday, 24 July 2013

La Vie en rose / Life in pink

'' Pink, on the lips of your lover, `cause pink is the love you discover. Pink, it`s the color of passion, `cause today it just goes with the fashion. '' ...well, previous quote is a part of lyrics from one of my favourite songs, Aerosmith's ''Pink''. But, I'm not going to continue talking about this song. :)
 In this post I will introduce decorative cosmetic products which I love and definitely will continue to use them till the end of summer. As you could suppose, mentioned products are coloured pink. First one is a lipstick, named Matt about Pink whose brand is Catrice. It is gorgeous! An absolute hit this summer, at first because it's matte lipstick and secondly because the colour pink such as that is definitely newfangled. You can see it on the photo below (one on the right).

Therefore, I strongly recommend this lipstick, but it is not the only one I do. I also love another one and it is pink too. It is Miss Sporty's Perfect Colour Lipstick Innocence. 

Both lipsticks are great when used severally, but I prefer to combine them with each other. And I almost forgot to emphasize that both are very cheap. Just another plus. :)

And, in the end I would like to present you, while we're still talking about PINK, eau de toilette which I use this summer :). It is delightful, luscious and summerly Burberry's Summer. When you try it, you'll love it!

Sending you a lot of pink kisses!

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